You know what happen when a reputable brand, precursor in the field of presenting watches at the point of sale wants to equip its entire network of boutiques throughout France with a presentation system ... which does not exist yet?

The concept ...

Is based on a secure open display presentation that enhance watches presentation and improve the customer experience without degrading the inventory shrinkage.

It has mobilized the Saaa RDI department and resulted in a store test. Successful bid: the number of times pieces presented were increased by 50%, and the customer records reports an increase of 38%+ in sales in a declining market!
However, there were some initials challenges that Saaa had to take into account : the discovery of a new universe a merchandising complexified by the width of the ranges, the exhaustive presentation of a stock of 2000 references and the necessary intuitiveness of the system. The development also took into account the integration of the communication campaigns and no audible alarm for a preserved customer experience.

Benefits ?

  • Proximity between the customer and the timepieces
  • Turn over increase by double digits 
  • Increased ergonomics of handling during sales and merchandising actions
  • 50% more watch on display 
  • Time saving for the sales person 
  • Remolding done in a breeze
  • Integration of communication campaigns

A rewarded innovation.

« Innovating for more than 4 decades »  

Saaa has been awarded the Trophy of Innovation by the Regional Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer for L’ECRIN, our out of the box and unique patented secured open display solution for watches & wearables.



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