Standalone or line alarm:
Which system to choose?

Saaa offers the most comprehensive range
of solutions in the industry
from standalone security devices
to line alarm solutions.


Focus on their characteristics

  • A line alarm system
    is composed of cables and connectors
    used between a control unit,
    distributors and sensors.

    Key Points

    • Up to 128 secured products

    • Alarm on the control unit

    • Installation usually requires intervention by a technician

    • Particularly well adapted to large stores / configurations

    • One power supply for 8 secured points

  • A standalone system
    is a fully autonomous security point.
    It does not require
    any other devices to function.

    Key Points

    • Up to 3 secured products

    • Alarm on the display

    • Easy to install

    • Particularly well adapted to small stores / configurations

    •  Batteries (3 years of autonomy)

Focus on their common advantages :

Reliable and long-lasting systems

Up to 4 security levels
 Analogic patented security technology
 A unique and non duplicable R remote 

Product friendly systems

The  most product friendly brackets available in the market with SOFT-socks
Powers up  your  products

Scalable systems adapted to your needs

Adapt to any  display angle: table  or wall mounted
 Adapter available to change the exposed product in seconds
 Interchangeable power cord : no  need to change the complete sensor
Adapts to any  furniture
Limited tool-use for maintenance 
All our  products are  table  top  (no drilling  or bellow counter installation)
 Additional security with charging cable power alarm fucntion (an  alarm will be  triggered if the power cord is removed)

Saaa Standalone products